Hi, I'm Elisabeth Robinson. I provide transformational coaching to women who have anxiety when a challenging conversation is about to happen. My focus is to help women become confident and strong enough to share their thoughts and feelings in at work, in family situations, or in any other setting.

Working in Human Resources for 20 years taught me numerous valuable lessons about complex situations in all aspects of business with employees with all kinds of backgrounds.

To say that I experienced a few bumps in the road is an understatement. My Dad passed away when I was a month old. That added to my insecurity and anxiety in life. My incredibly amazing Grandparents took my dear Mom and me in until we could stand on our own. Since I can remember, it was incredibly tough to voice my opinion and feelings until really not too long ago. But every trial and challenge I experienced since a little girl only made me more resilient.

I believe in seeing the best in every challenging situation and moving forward with the lesson I learned. Now, I am ready to put all my struggles behind me and use what I learned during this journey for a greater purpose.

I am excited to see you soon, my friend! Our coaching sessions will take place weekly for six weeks, and they will be one-on-one meetings. Furthermore, there will be an additional call or text included.